to cast a shadow

Artist Statement

to cast a shadow considers ideas of existence and the immaterial notions of time, memory, and legacy. The nature of light and shadow become both visual language and spiritual metaphor, broadening traditional paradigms of form and meaning. Conceptually, this body of work draws inspiration from moments of transformation: the strike of lightning, the shattering of glass, the removal of a longstanding religious symbol. Through elongating these liminal moments to observe in hazy detail, this exhibition examines the shapeshifting nature of memory and explores the possibility of meaning-making that occurs when something becomes detached from its original narrative.

Exhibition Images

Virtual Gallery Walkthrough

The original run of to cast a shadow included an interactive virtual gallery.

This 3D space has been archived as a brief video walk-through.

Works Included

Special Thanks

This exhibition was made possible through the generous support of the Margaret Stonewall Wooldridge Hamblet family.

A special thank you to the following people who have helped me greatly in this creative process: The Layer Family, Caleb McLoud, Jerry Phillips, Kashif Graham, Sophia Stevenson, Jana Harper, Vesna Pavlović, alejandro acierto